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Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Fire Extinguisher Workshops will inform, demonstrate and provide you and your employees confidence in the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers.

Why Take Fire Extinguisher Training?

Our training combines the theory you need to safely use an extinguisher with hands-on live-fire training, giving you the confidence to use an extinguisher when you need it.

Workshop Topics:

  • Basic fire science – fire triangle
  • Classification of fires
  • How fires occur in the workplace/home
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • How to safely use a fire extinguisher (P.A.S.S.)
  • What to do after a fire
  • Maintenance and quick checks

Workshop Benefits:

  • Enhanced fire protection for your work-site/home
  • Confident response to a fire emergency
  • Promotes the proper use of the fire extinguishers
  • Reduces fire-related losses

Workshop Details:

Classroom Theory with Live-Fire

  • 2-Hours (1-hour theory & 1-hour practical)
  • Fire extinguishers provided
  • Certificate upon completion
  • 10 people (minimum): $79.95 per person (plus gst)
  • 20 people or more: $69.95 per person (plus gst)

What About Customized Fire Extinguisher Workshops?

Our team of industry experts will assess your specific industry and provide a custom-tailored training program based on the hazards you are likely to encounter in your workplace, and the types of fire extinguishers that are available on your site.

  • Our extinguisher training is a tested program that meets the needs of your employers’ safety audit
  • Meets WorkSafeBC and COH&S requirements
  • Hands-on training with live-fire practical
  • Employee involvement
  • Weekday or weekend courses

Safety Education & Evacuation Training

We can help your organization identify hazards in the workplace and implement your fire safety plan. Our experts will work with your Fire Safety Directors and Floor Wardens to monitor your evacuation drills and provide constructive feedback.

Make sure your workplace has proper evacuation procedures and fire extinguishers as part of your safety program:

  • Know locations of emergency exits
  • Know your evacuation procedures
  • Have the correct fire extinguishers
  • Know how to operate a fire extinguisher
  • Practice evacuation drills

Fire Investigation Training

Fire Investigation Education

Based on NFPA 921, Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations, our experts teach the most current methodology in the field of fire investigation to public and private agencies including Fire and Law Enforcement personnel.

Forensic Photography for Fire Investigators

Properly documenting a scene requires an investigator to possess a fundamental understanding of photography, including familiarity with equipment and accessories, lighting and movement, and common camera settings.

Our 8-hour workshop provides you with valuable theory and hands-on classroom exercises that will help you take better evidentiary photographs at your next fire investigation.

Instructor Brad Walsh is a police officer with 7 years’ experience in forensics, documenting crime scenes including cases of arson.

Instructor Megan Sabell Assistant Chief and Fire Investigator with the Victoria Fire Department, Megan has 12 years of fire investigation experience and is an avid photographer.


Penticton Fire Department

285 Dawson Ave., Penticton BC,  V2A 3N4

Sunday April 30, 2023 08:30 – 16:00

Visit FPOABC to register

Fire Investigation Team VI Fire Forensics Inc.
Fire Investigation Team VI Fire Forensics Inc.
Forensic Photography Workshop

VI Fire Forensics

Specializing in portable fire extinguisher training on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of British Columbia.


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