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VI Fire Forensics specializes in work-site portable fire extinguisher training for industry and the public, fire-safety education, and fire investigation training. Our instructors are experienced educators with extensive knowledge in fire safety.

  • Enjoy working with the public
  • Provide additional support when needed
  • Customize workshops to suit your organization
Rich Pala Instructor VI Fire Forensics Victoria BC

Rich Pala

Formerly a Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Rich has over 30 years of experience in public safety education and fire prevention. Rich is also a subject matter expert for the Justice Institute of BC, teaching fire investigation/fire safety to fire and law enforcement personnel and international students.

Gary Charlton

Formerly the Chief Training Officer for a Municipal Fire Department, Gary has over 28 years of experience delivering a broad range of educational lesson plans and live-fire training instruction.

Chris deRosenroll

A former Fire Chief with over 35 years of experience and knowledge in fire safety education and fire investigation.

Mike Schmidt

With over 25 years in fire prevention and suppression, Mike brings a vast amount of experience as a public safety educator working with all aspects of Industry and the Private sector.

Mark Pala

With over 18 years of fire suppression experience, Mark brings extensive knowledge and a hands-on practical approach to fire extinguisher training.

VI Fire Forensics

Specializing in portable fire extinguisher training on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of British Columbia.


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Email:  info@vifireforensics.com

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